Do it yourself Garmin eTrex 20 carabiner clip

From this part of the world (Malaysia), a carabiner clip costs me at about RM50. I felt that it was a bit expensive for a simple accessory to invest in. By using a cheap made in China normal carabiner clip (i got it from ACE hardware at Queensbay Mall) with 2 small cable ties, i am able to make my own Garmin eTrex20 carabinar clip. Below are my snapshots of my poor man Garmin eTrex20 carabiner clip.


  1. Good. May have pulled the one on the unit a bit tight. May be difficult to cut off (if needed)?

    1. A better attachment would be to use para-cord because the plastic will eventually fail at an inopportune time. For it to fit through the small space on the unit you have to pull out the internal cords and use only the sheath.


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