City Code Table for Casio SGW300HD-1AV Watch

This city codes are provided in the watch user manual but for the ease of references in the web, I put this table in this blog in case i wanted to refer to it using my smartphone. Hope you find this useful.

Code City UTC/GMT offset (hours)
WLG Wellington 12
NOU Noumea 11
GUM Guam 10
SYD Sydney 10
ADL Adelaide 9.5
SEL Seoul 9
TYO Tokyo 9
KUL Kuala Lumpur 8
HKG Hong Kong 8
SIN Singapore 8
BJS Beijing 8
PER Perth 8
TPE Taipei 8
BKK Bangkok 7
RGN Yangon 6.5
DAC Dhaka 6
KTM Kathmandu 5.75
DEL Delhi 5.5
KHI Karachi 5
KBL Kabul 4.5
DXB Dubai 4
THR Tehran 3.5
JED Jeddah 3
DOH Doha, Qatar 3
MOW Moscow 3
BGW Baghdad 3
HEL Helsinki 2
ATH Athens 2
ANK Ankara 2
NIC Nicosia, Cyprus 2
CAI Cairo 2
JRS Jerusalem 2
MAD Madrid 1
PAR Paris 1
AMS Amsterdam 1
ROM Rome 1
MCM Monte Carlo, Monaco 1
BER Berlin 1
STO Stockholm 1
PRG Prague 1
UTC / GMT / ZULU Greenwich, UK 0
LON London 0
LIS Lisbon 0
RAI Praia (Cape Verde) -1
FEN Fernando de Noronha (Brazil) -2
RIO Rio de Janeiro -3
BUE Buenos Aires -3
YYT St. Johns -3.5
SCL Santiago, Chile -4
YHZ Halifax -4
CCS Caracas -4.5
YTO Toronto -5
MIA Miami -5
NYC New York City -5
YWG Winnipeg -5
MEX Mexico City -6
CHI Chicago -6
YEA Edmonton -7
DEN Denver -7
YVR Vancouver -8
LAX Los Angeles -8
ANC Anchorage -9
HNL Honolulu -10
PPG Pago Pago -11

Update (9 Feb 2017)

It has brought to my attention that some countries observe Daylight Saving Time (DST). For those who are from countries that observing it, you can actually turn the DST feature of this watch on. To do that, go to the World Time (WT) mode and push and hold the "Adjust" button until you see the DST on the screen.


  1. Thanks v. much, Boon Seong, for this city list, couldn't find it anywhere in the User Guide !

    1. Hello Francis, that is weird. Anyway Im glad this helps you. I was putting this up just for me to refer online. I can't be carrying the use guide every where.

    2. I am in Viet Nam but there is no Viet Nam. What should i do

  2. Hay boon Seong is there Philippines

    1. Hello Kendrick, unfortunately there is no explicit Phillipines city code on the watch but never the less, Phillipines GMT/UTC offset is +8 hours. So it means you can use whichever cities that have 8h offset.

    2. I live in Louisiana what should I use this is driving me absolutely nuts thanks in advance

    3. I live in Louisiana and trying to figure out what code to use... please help...

  3. what do I do when gshock does not have my city code Memphis tn

    1. Hello, I check the UTC offset with and found out that Memphis UTC offset is -5 hours. From the table you can choose between Toronto, Miami, New York City or Winnipeg as your reference city.

  4. Replies
    1. Hello Nick, from timeanddate website, the UTC offset is -5 hours. From the table you can choose between Toronto, Miami, New York City or Winnipeg as your reference city.

  5. Replies
    1. The UTC offset for Louisville, Kentucky is -4 hours. You can use Santiago or Halifax as reference.

  6. What about Coeur d alene idaho

  7. Replies
    1. For Bogota Columbia, the UTC/GMT offset would be -5 hours.

  8. Replies
    1. For Muscat Oman, you can use Dubai time zone. (UTC/GMT offset is +4 hours)

  9. You gave incorrect advice to several individuals, Memphis & Oklahoma city are not in the Eastern time zone so advising to use Miami or NYC (GMT -5) is incorrect. They should be using Chicago (GMT -6) which is in the central time zone. Also, Louisville KY is in the Eastern time zone (GMT -5) as with NYC or Miami not (GMT -4) which is the Atlantic time zone.

    1. Hi, thank you for the message. You are correct that all the timezone you have specified. Apparently, I did not notice that Daylight Saving time is practice in US. For example Memphis is UTC -5 from MAR to NOV and it is UTC -6 from NOV till MAR.

      Thank you for bringing this up.

    2. Hello again, I re-read again the manual for my watch and it turns out it has DST feature where I can turn it on! But my country does not observe it so I left it switched off. I will make a note for the reader in this post about it.

  10. I can't find Amsterdam in my casio 5229 ga 201 1a. wich one can i use?

    1. Wow! nice G-Shock piece. I checked with the manual ( of your G-Shock and I couldn't find Amsterdam. Anyway, the UTC offset for Amsterdam is -1 hour ( You could use Madrid, Paris, Rome, Berlin or Stockholm as there are in the time zone of UTC -1 hour. I also notice that this watch has daylight saving feature and you can use it if your country observe it.

  11. I can't seem to find my city code I'm from Boston Ma can anyone help thanks

    1. Hi there. For Boston MA, you can use UTC -4 hours.

  12. I live in far north Queensland Australia. Cairns to be precise and I can't find a city code for it. What can I do to get it to the correct time?

  13. How about Nashville, TN

  14. I cant find turkey ANK pleaee help

  15. Hi thank you for the table, going to move to quebec canada next month but I confused what time zone is there

  16. What code do I use for Pascagoula Ms?

  17. Hey I was wonder what would Brisbane Australia be closest to

  18. Fresno, CA? I'm assuming its LAX correct.

    1. UTC -7

  19. How about Ghana takoradi g110..thanks😊

    1. UTC +0

  20. Good day the time set for South Africa ?

  21. why not same time my gshock g400 1A HKG at malaysia time

  22. Hi i'm from the Philippines i bought a g-100 in macau i found out tahat there is no available city code for Manila on the watch that i purchased, is it possible to use this watch in manila?

    1. You have to find out what is Manila time zone and match that time zone to the city that is available in your watch. Then you use that city for manila.

  23. What about North Carolina

    1. Currently it is UTC-4. Take note of the daylight savings.

  24. Hi I have the casio gulfmaster watch. Looking for city setting for south Africa. Pls. Also need to set my tide graf and moon settings.

    1. Wow nice watch. South Africa time zone would be UTC+2. You can use any city with the same time zone offset.

  25. how yo read year production of casio edifice like edifice efr531d-7avudf..
    thank u mr Boon Seong


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