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Auto create folder based on filename and move the file into it's folder

This is a Windows batch script that creates folders for each file in the current folder that the script is running. The folders are created with folder names that follow the filenames. After creating the folder, it will move the file into it's own folder. This batch script is particularly useful in organizing files into it's own folder.

How to force stop or cancel Android download manager downloading process

When downloading a large file with CartoonHD, it would take a very long time to complete. I have found that there is no way I could stop or cancel the downloading process if I decided to. Even if I reboot my Note 4, the downloading will restart again after the device rebooted. The only way the downloading can be stop is by uninstalling CartoonHD. I found a way to force stop or cancel the downloading process and here is what I did.

City Code Table for Casio AE-1200WHD (Casio Royale) Watch

This city codes are provided in the watch user manual but for the ease of references from the web, I put this table into this blog post for future reference using my smartphone. This is a world time watch, I will definitely need it in future. Hope you find this useful too.

Repetitive automatic mouse click loops

This is how to automate a repetitive mouse click loops in between an interval delay of 3 seconds. I used an AutoHotkey script to achieve it. By using the script below;

One line Linux command to kill all instances of a program or script running in the background

This one liner command that runs a "kill -9" to all background processes that matched a given search string.

How to enable Windows 10 battery saver mode always on

The Windows 10 Battery Saver mode is a useful tool especially if you are always working on your Windows 10 laptop running on battery only. The good thing about this mode is that it stops almost all background applications or software from running and set the brightness level to a lower level. This mode by default it only turns on whenever your battery level is less than 20% or you manually enable it after you have disconnected your power supply. To enable the Battery Saver mode to always on whenever the laptop is running on battery power, this is what you can do.

Sharing smart phone mobile data internet hotspot with WiFi router

This is how I shared my mobile data internet hotspot to my non-wireless D-Link DNS320L network attached storage (NAS). This NAS does not have WiFi capability and it only have one Ethernet port for network connection.

Streaming music to laptop speakers from Samsung Note 4

There are many posts in the internet that provide how to guides on using your laptop as the music streaming receiver to play your music from your smartphone using Bluetooth connection method. In other words, how to make your laptop to become a wireless Bluetooth speakers for your smartphone.
Why? The reason behind using laptop is because most laptops comes with relatively good pair of stereo speakers (compare to those of your smartphone) and you can save yourself some money by avoiding buying expensive wireless Bluetooth speakers.

How to replace the Blogger built-in inlineAd adcode with your custom code

The inline ad ("inlineAd" in the template code) placement that is built in into the Blogger template or theme is actually quite useful. It provides the automated way to place it right after the comment section and also between the posts items when the page type is an index type. You can even define how many posts to appear before the ad appear in the Blog widget. What I don't like is that I cannot reuse some of my Adsense ad units. Blogger will always create a new unit for me. If you are like me that would like to replace the auto generated ad unit with the ad unit of your own, this is how you can do it easily.

How to create a table of contents for Google Blogger posts based on their labels

A javascript that creates a table of contents of posts based on the Blogger label name.

How to reuse the Google Blogger search box as Google Custom Search box

I like the new theme integrated search box design but I hate the standard Blogger search results. I love the Google Custom Search but I don't want to introduced a second search box into my blog and confuses my users or visitors. If only I can reuse the new theme integrated standard Blogger search box as a Google Custom Search box.

How to make sure the new Google Blogger theme sidebar menu button to stay on all types of pages

The hamburger menu button does not appear on all types of pages. It will only appear on index type pages (homepage, search result pages, label pages) and when you are in post pages, the hamburger menu button will appear as back button in the form of an arrow pointing left.

How to create a related posts list and place it right at the end of the content

Notice that at the end of every post in Almost a Technocrat blog, there is a list of related posts generated for you to continue browsing this blog. This is actually a done by a javascript and the posts listed are filed under the same labels as the current post. How cool is that right?

How to avoid parsing error in Blogger Template editor when adding HTML or Javascript codes

Do you hate it whenever you found a suitable Javascript in the internet and when you copy and pasted it onto your Blogger template editor only to find out that it is giving out parsing error. Errors like it illegal characters for < , > or " and all of them needed to be replace with &lt; , &gt; or &quot; .

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