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Bukit Cendana Hiking Trail

Penang Hiking Trails : Bukit (hill) Cendana Peak via Cendana Trail and back to Moongate via Station 5 rest area.

How to enable the camera LED flash light as a notification LED light on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Ever wanted the camera flash LED to be used as a notification light? It would be brighter than the built-in notification LED. The video below will show you how to enable that function or feature in Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

How to enable the home and power buttons to answer and ends calls on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

In the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you can configure the Home button to be used as answering calls button and the power button to be used as ending calls. Below is a video that shows you how you can enable the functions in your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 settings.

Flamethrower vs Liquid Nitrogen

Which will win when both blasted each other head on; The flamethrower or the liquid nitrogen freeze ray? This is a short video by TheBackyardScientist to see which one will win "Heat Wave vs Captain Cold". It's a fun video to watch, enjoy.

How to escape yourself from cable ties or zip ties cuffs

Do you ever think that cable ties or zip ties are strong to tie anything with it? Strong enough that it's a cheap and favourite tool used by kidnappers to tie the victim's hands with? These following videos demonstrate that you can easily break the cable ties and escape from it. Remember this technique just in case you need it in future.