A Better SKMEI 1358 Instructions Manual

This SKMEI 1358 digital watch is a great watch for a really cheap price. However, the instructions manual is far from good. It took me some time to explore some of the functions and at the same time trying to understand the instructions manual provided by SKMEI. I decided to write an alternative instructions manual for this watch so that other owners of this watch might benefit from it. But never the less, I am not a good English language writer myself. But I do think it is still better than the instructions manual provided. Feel free to correct me using the comment section.

A better alternative SKMEI 1358 instructions manual


  1. Replies
    1. You can refer to https://almost-a-technocrat.blogspot.com/2018/09/skmei-1358-alarm-function.html

  2. Good job bro. Keep it up and tq

  3. Hi,

    My altimeter is not functioning. i set it to zero for a test then i do a day hike, from summit the my currect alti is still on 0 meter

    1. Better check if your baro is working too. I think its defective.

  4. Muchas gracias, me sirvio bastante.

  5. Los iconos de nube sol y lluvia como funcionan

  6. Bro, me ayudas con el reloj, por favor? La temperatura varia muy seguido y la marca mal. Y no sé cómo configurar el altímetro, que valores colocarle.


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