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How to import Tasker projects, profiles, tasks and scenes

Tasker is a very powerful Android smartphone automation application. Although Tasker can practically do anything you want, you still have to learn how to create the automation. I know many of you out there are just plain lazy or no time to pick up the skill. Many had relied on Tasker users shared automation projects, profiles, tasks or scenes to quickly kick start your automation without hassle. I am sharing most of my Tasker automations in this blog for the benefit of the lazy Tasker people (no offence, i am one of them too).

The Tasker automations that i am sharing in this blog are just the exported xml files. Most probably i will not be writing the "step through" like some other websites did but you can download and import the xml files using Tasker. It's easy enough. You can tweak my automation to suite your need.

This post will show you how to import Tasker automation xml files into your Tasker application.

Download one of the xml files that i shared. Use "save as" or "save link" by long press the link to bring up the pop up menu in your Android browser. The file will automatically save in your download folder.

Depends on which type of Tasker xml files i shared, use tasker to import the xml files into your Tasker. Below are the snapshots on how you can start importing depends on the types of Tasker xml file formats.

    To import projects, tap at the Home button.

    To import profiles, tap at the Profiles tab.

    To import tasks, tap at the Tasks tab.

    To import scenes, tap at the Scenes tab.

    After selecting "Import", goto the folder where you have downloaded the Tasker xml files.

    Note: At the time of writing, this how to is based on Tasker 4.0

    After you have imported the xml file, a separate copy of the imported xml file is stored at:
    • Profiles   : path_to_sdcard/Tasker/profiles
    • Projects  : path_to_sdcard/Tasker/projects
    • Tasks     : path_to_sdcard/Tasker/tasks
    If you export your Tasker's profiles, projects or tasks, the xml files are also saved into the same locations.


    1. Just wanted to say thanks for being very descriptive. I was having trouble importing a profile. I was incorrectly using the project import instead of the profile import. Now I see the difference. Thanks!

      Just for people like me LoL... a tip...
      it took me a bit to figure out to TapTWICE, or HOLD... right on the "TASKS" tab at the top, for example...
      Then the rest was easy, once i figured that out.

    3. I have an xml I saved long ago, it jusy have .xml at the end not prf.xml, or tsk.xml etc how do I import it ? is has a lot of tasker tasks, profiles, etc



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