Jailbreak your Amazon Kindle Keyboard

Jail breaking your Amazon Kindle device will enable you to customize fonts and your screensaver. Additional to fonts and screensaver customization, you can also try out some of the hacks for Amazon Kindles. This post will guide you through the steps of jail breaking your Amazon Kindle device. Don't panic! Just follow the steps below.

Important Notes
  • To find out the firmware version of your Kindle device, please refer to this Find out your Amazon Kindle device firmware version post.
  • To find out which version of your Kindle device to determine which hack file to use, please refer to Kindle Serial Numbers.
  • For Kindle firmware versions 3.1 and above :
    If you were using an older version of the jailbreak, please update it, you won't be able to install hacks on FW 3.1 without a recent enough jailbreak.
  • For Kindle firmware versions 3.2.1 and above :
    Please use the file update_[kindle versions]_install-3.2.1.bin as the other files will not work on newer Kindle firmware. The update_[kindle versions]_install-3.2.1.bin files will not work on older Kindle firmware versions. Check your Kindle firmware version if you are unsure.
  • For Kindle firmware 2.x :
    The jailbreak update process will fail with a U006 error message (at the lower left corner of the screen). The error message is safe to ignore.
  • For Kindle with special offers (with Advertisments):
    Jailbreaking your Amazon Kindle device will not remove ads.

Install Kindle Jailbreak
  1. Download the kindle-jailbreak-0.10.N.zip.
  2. Un-zip the Kindle jailbreak files.
  3. Connect your Amazon Kindle device to your PC using USB cable.
  4. According to your Kindle versions, copy the appropriate
    update_jailbreak_0.10.N_[kindle version]_install.bin file to your Kindle. For example if you have Amazon Kindle Keyboard wifi only, the correct bin file to copy is update_jailbreak_0.10.N_k3w_install.bin. For more information about the definition of the jailbreak bin files, refer to the "Definition of jailbreak files" section below the "Uninstall Kindle Jailbreak" section.
  5. Disconnect your Amazon Kindle device from your PC.
  6. Go to Home > Menu > Settings > Menu > Update Your Kindle
Uninstall Kindle Jailbreak
  1. Connect your Amazon Kindle device to your PC using USB cable.
  2. According to your Kindle versions, copy the appropriate
    update_jailbreak_0.10.N_[kindle version]_uninstall.bin file to your Kindle.
  3. Disconnect your Amazon Kindle device from your PC.
  4. Go to Home > Menu > Settings > Menu > Update Your Kindle
Definition of the jailbreak files
  • update_jailbreak_0.10.N_k2_install.bin
    Kindle 2 US 
  • update_jailbreak_0.10.N_k2i_install.bin
    Kindle 2 International 
  • update_jailbreak_0.10.N_dx_install.bin
    Kindle DX US 
  • update_jailbreak_0.10.N_dxi_install.bin
    Kindle DX International 
  • update_jailbreak_0.10.N_dxg_install.bin
    Kindle DX Graphite 
  • update_jailbreak_0.10.N_k3g_install.bin
    Kindle 3 3G US 
  • update_jailbreak_0.10.N_k3w_install.bin
    Kindle 3 WiFi 
  • update_jailbreak_0.10.N_k3gb_install.bin
    Kindle 3 3G UK 
  • update_jailbreak_0.10.N_k3g-3.2.1_install.bin
    Kindle 3 3G US (Only if you are running FW >= 3.2.1) 
  • update_jailbreak_0.10.N_k3w-3.2.1_install.bin
    Kindle 3 WiFi (Only if you are running FW >= 3.2.1) 
  • update_jailbreak_0.10.N_k3gb-3.2.1_install.bin
    Kindle 3 3G UK (Only if you are running FW >= 3.2.1)


  1. I jailbroke my kindle today. After that, I installed the screensavers hack and everything went fine. Then, I installed the fonts hack. The fonts hack worked, but my device ended up being BRICKED!!! I plugged my kindle into my computer again, deleted everything I had installed, and force restarted my kindle and everything is fine. Just a warning to people who install the fonts hack. (And yes, i followed everything to the letter.)

  2. I bought my Kindle second hand overseas. How can I check whether it is US, UK or international?

    1. Hi, you can find out which version is your Kindle from http://wiki.mobileread.com/wiki/Kindle_Serial_Numbers

    2. According to the mobileread article, my Kindle with serial no. B008... is a Kindle 3 Wifi. No mention of "international", so I guess it's US.

  3. Hi! I have a question. I did the jailbreak instructions. My Kindle is working just fine until I used its internet then everything went unorganized. My folders got lost. Even the bookmarks are lost. And now, my computer can't even read my Kindle. :( Is it not allowed to use the 3G in Kindle when it has been jailbreak already?

    1. Hi, i am not sure how i can help you on this. I don't use Kindle with 3G. From where i come from, Amazon don't have the 3G services for me :( so i purchase the WIFI version only.
      I apologize for unable to give you more info on this.

  4. I'm having the same problem as Pat.I've copied the jailbreak file to my kindle but when I try to update it, the option is greyed out.

  5. I am having the same problem, anyway to fix this?

  6. Hi, the article helped me jailbreak the kindle and i installed the screensaver hack, but the xcreensaver is not showing up, pls help.


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