Amazon Kindle Keyboard Hidden Features

The Amazon Kindle Keyboard device is full of hidden features. This post will list out the hidden features that you can find in your Kindle Keyboard without jailbreaking it.

Create a photo album in your Kindle Keyboard
It was not publicized at all by Amazon but never the less it's kind of cool to see eReading device can other than reading texts.

A useful feature to capture your Kindle Keyboard screen.

Play Minesweeper and GoMoKu in Amazon Kindle Keyboard
Other than reading eBooks, you can play some game to kill your time. 

This is a Kindle Keyboard. It has shortcuts!

Keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet
A single page printable friendly shortcut cheat sheet ready for download.

Built-in Calculator
The search box in your Kindle Keyboard can be used as a calculator. It can be very handy when you just need to do a simple calculation. I have created a single paged pdf cheat sheet that lists out the mathematical functions that are available. You can load the cheat sheet into your Kindle and every time you want to refer to the available functions for the built-in calculator, just open it. 

The power slider on the Kindle Keyboard actually does 3 things. It's not just only for switching the Kindle to screensaver.

Customize the horizontal text margin
In your Amazon Kindle Keyboard, to adjust the left and right margins of your text, you can use the "Words per line" option from the font sizes menu (press AA key to the right of the spacebar on the keyboard). The option provides you with three types of margin sizes with friendly names. They are default, fewer and fewest. You might feel that at the smallest margin setting (default), there is still a lot of space left from the text to the side bezel. You can customize the margins even smaller till the text close to the side bezel.

Enable the text Justification hidden menu in Amazon Kindle Keyboard
There is a hidden menu entry called "Justification" in the font size menu [AA] of Amazon Kindle Keyboard. The Justification option toggles between left and full text justification. You can use this option to set from default "full" to "left" so you can read eBooks with a ragged right margin. 

The Amazon Kindle Keyboard has a hidden feature where you can put the device into diagnostics mode (the tests factory operators run before delivering the Kindle device to you).

This is a font customization that you can do to your Kindle device without the Jailbreak. It's not as powerful as the font hack. You can only able to change the reader font.

By default if you leave your Kindle Keyboard idle for 10 minutes without turning a page, it will enter screensaver mode (sleep mode). There are times you just need it to stay on a page without going in to screensaver mode. This post will show you how you can disable the screensaver mode.


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