SKMEI 1358 digital compass

SKMEI 1358 compass mode display the direction of the watch is facing in form of N, S, E, W and also in form of bearing degrees relative to North. Keep reading to find out how you can setup the digital compass and calibrate it.

Buttons and main screen layout

Setting mode

1.    From the main screen, press the dedicated Compass button to enter compass mode.
2.    Press and hold the MODE button to enter compass setting mode.
In the setting mode, you can cycle through two types of settings for compass mode using the MODE button.
CAL -- > DEC
CAL = Compass auto calibration
DEC = Compass manual calibration

Compass auto calibration

1.    Cycle to CAL screen and press either the UP or DOWN button to start auto calibration.
2.    Grab the watch by the strap and move it in the figure of eight horizontally slowly until the auto calibration complete. Expect around 30 seconds to complete.
After completion, the digital compass is set to point to magnetic north.

Compass manual calibration

1.    Cycle to DEC screen and press either the UP or DOWN button to set the angle correction to the compass.
The maximum angle correction allowed is +/- 90 degrees.
2.    Press and hold the MODE button to apply your change.
This calibration is useful to set the digital compass to point to true north.

Exchanging north and south direction

While in compass mode screen, press the DOWN button to exchange the north and south direction.

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  1. Many thanks for tutorial...its very helps. But for compass calibration still hard to me


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