How to Backup Blogger Blog Easily with Windows Desktop Shortcut

This is how you can easily run a backup on your Blogger blog easily by just running Windows desktop shortcuts. This method is not exactly fully automated method where you can configure it to run in scheduled time and save it in a programmed location. However, This method does makes life easier by skipping all the steps going through the Blogger dashboard interface. The idea of this method is to create a Windows desktop shortcut to execute and be presented with the save window dialog and manually rename the backup file and save it to your preferred location.


You need to have Google Chrome browser installed and login to Google Blogger account.

Create a shortcut for backing up Blogger Pages, Posts and Comments

Step 1

Go to your Windows start menu and look for your Chrome browser.
Right click > Send to > Desktop (create shortcut)

Step 2

Go to your desktop and edit the shortcut properties.
Right click the desktop shortcut > Properties

Step 3

Replace the "Target" box text with this:
"C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --new-window{your Blog ID}/archive

Step 4

Click "Apply" and "Ok"
Rename the shortcut to your liking.

Create a shortcut for backing up Blogger template

Repeat all the same steps as above but for the "Target" box text, replace the existing text with this:
"C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --new-window{your Blog ID}&action=download&expandWidget=true

How to find your Blog ID

Your Blog ID is in the url address when you are in your Blogger Dashboard interface.


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