How to install fun_plug v0.7 on D-Link DNS-320L NAS server

This is a summary of steps on how to install fun_plug v0.7 on D-Link DNS-320L NAS based on
HDD-Installation of the fun_plug 0.7 on NAS-devices at For more detailed installation steps and explanations, please refer to HDD-Installation of the fun_plug 0.7 on NAS-devices post.


Step 1 : Download the installation files

Step 2 : Place both files in the topmost directory of Volume_1 of your D-Link DNS-320L NAS

Step 3 : Reboot your D-Link DNS-320L NAS

Step 4 : Remote login into your D-Link DNS-320L NAS via telnet

Step 5 : Change root password. Execute each command below one by one

usermod -s /ffp/bin/sh root
mkdir -p /ffp/home/root/
sed -ie 's#:/home/root:#:/ffp/home/root:#g' /etc/passwd
wget -O /ffp/sbin/

Step 6 : Activate secure shell login (SSH)

chmod a+x /ffp/start/
sh /ffp/start/ start

Step 7 : Login into your D-Link DNS-320L NAS via SSH

ssh root@<IP Address>

Step 8 : Disable telnet login

chmod -x /ffp/start/
sh /ffp/start/ stop

Step 9 : Install package installer script

wget -O /ffp/bin/
chmod a+x /ffp/bin/
For the details of setting up uwsiteloader UI, please refer to HDD-Installation of the fun_plug 0.7 on NAS-devices

Step 10 : Execute the last command after setting up the uwsiteloader

slacker -UaA uli:uwchmod

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  1. Excellent work old son.

  2. Step 8 : Disable telnet login
    ... sh /ffp/start/ stop
    HERE one is force disconnected
    so where is Step 9 happening ?

    1. Did you start a new connection using ssh, or did you use ssh from inside the telnet session?
      If the former, it shouldn't be disconnecting you.
      If the latter, then when you stopped the telnet service, you killed your session.

  3. Not excellent. It ends in failure. See this for proper procedure -

  4. For people using firmware 1.06 on D-Link DNS-320L, the release notes indicate :
    “Fun_plug script was removed according to security issue and no longer to be supported.”
    So you have to downgrade to a lower version (1.04b12) if you want to continue using the script.
    I hope some one will find a solution to be able to install new firmware version without loosing the benefit of “fun-plug” wonderful tool..

    1. I second that. I've just upgraded to 1.06 and cannot use ffp. Looking forwarded to the solution.

    2. Is some one find a solution?

    3. There would be 2 possible ways to do it. One is to modify the firmware before updating (i.e. download the new firmware, modify it to support using fun plug, then use the modified version to update the DNS), the other way is to update the firmware, then hack it (see if it has a serial port on the board that can be used or the like, this might not actually be possible) and mod it to use fun plug.

      The other option would be to put custom firmware on it.

  5. wget: not an http or ftp url:


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