Power Bank Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

I just got a very special smartphone casing for my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This casing is not just a casing because it has a built-in 4800mAh power bank. So the convenience of having a built-in power bank smartphone casing is not having to lugged a separate bulky power bank while charging the smartphone.
Before I order this from eBay, there is not much reviews that talks about the details of this casing that matters to me such as "Will it have data connection while the phone is using the casing?". Most of the reviews are un-boxing reviews which are rubbish. Below is the list of my  findings on this casing and hopefully it will benefit anyone who is planning to buy this.

Anyway, I went ahead and order this casing out of necessity where my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery will not last me through the day any more after due to daily recharging for more than a year.

My reviews:

  1. It charges my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pretty fast. From 50% to 100% takes about 1/2 hour.
  2. The casing does not have any data connection when connected to the PC. It will only charge the power bank using power from PC USB.
  3. The user manual stated that when you charge the casing with Note 4 attach to it, it will charge the smartphone battery first then only the power bank. From my observation, it is not true. It will charge both Note 4 and power bank simultaneously. After a few recharge with phone attached to the case, the smartphone battery will charge first then only the powerbank.
  4. The casing does add a bit of weight but to me it is negligible.
  5. My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 fit really well to the casing.
  6. The finishing is a soft rubber feel which I don't really like it. I know after long use those paint will peel off and it will look ugly.
  7. [3 JUNE 16] Just tested the power bank is able to charge a depleted Note 4 battery from 0% to 96%. 
  8. [7 JUNE 16] Just realized that with this casing, you have no access to your S-Pen when you need it. The only way is to take your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 out from the casing.


Front View

Back View

Lock to lock the Note 4 into the casing

Power Bank levels

Font page & last page of the user manual

2nd & 3rd page of the user manual


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