How to force stop or cancel Android download manager downloading process

When downloading a large file with CartoonHD, it would take a very long time to complete. I have found that there is no way I could stop or cancel the downloading process if I decided to. Even if I reboot my Note 4, the downloading will restart again after the device rebooted. The only way the downloading can be stop is by uninstalling CartoonHD. I found a way to force stop or cancel the downloading process and here is what I did.

Note: These instructions are based on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Android version 6.0.1

1. Go to Settings > Application Manager

2. Click the menu button (3 vertical dots) located at the top right corner.

3. Select Show system apps.

4. Scroll to search for Download manager, click the Download manager.
5. Select Storage.
6. Click CLEAR DATA button.
After clicking the CLEAR DATA button, the downloading process will stop immediately.


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