Cup based smartphone car holder stand

The sucker of my car smartphone holder finally gave up after 3 years. Other parts of the holder are still in good condition. So instead of throwing it away, I modified it so that it can fit into a cup holder of my car.

So previously with a sucker, my Samsung Galaxy Nexus positioned at the windshield but this time I can place the holder it into one of my two cup holder located just below the air conditioning control panel.

Below are the photos of what I did with it and how it looks like after modifications.

The plastic part that connected to the rubber sucker is broken.

I used a plastic jam cup as the base of the holder.

Using epoxy, glue the base of the holder to the side of the cup.

And finally the finished product looked like this.


  1. This is interesting. However I can't seem to find a quick Share button to share it to facebook

    1. Hello Philip, the share buttons are floating on the left side. If you are viewing from mobile device, it's floating at the bottom of your screen.


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