How to add OSM Cycle Map as custom map source to MOBAC

A reference of how to add Open Cycle Map (topo map) into MOBAC as a custom map source. Maps downloaded can be use as offline maps for supported applications in MOBAC.

  1. Create a XML file in "<MOBAC install>\mapsources" directory.
  2. Copy the template below and paste it into the XML file.
  3. Start your MOBAC application and select the map source "OSM Cycle Map".
XML template:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<name>OSM Cycle Map</name>

References or Credits:
  1. : Custom map source
  2. Open Cycle Map developer information



  1. very useful!! thanks for info!!

  2. If you want more zoom levels, just change the folowing line "15" to "17" (15 to 17). I think sports tracker can't handle more than 17 levels.

  3. try this

  4. Do you know how to add Nokia Here maps as custom map source to MOBAC ?

    1. If i remember correctly MOBAC has the Nokia Maps source but that was quite some time ago. Not sure about now.

  5. Doesn't work anymore...


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