GPX Editor

This is a nifty piece of software that enables you to edit your GPX track logs. It's light, standalone and very easy to use for editing your GPX track log file. 

I used Sports Tracker or ViewRanger to track my hiking trails and usually the track logs will have some erratic points due to stationary position and some spikes due to inaccuracy of the GPS reading. Using GPX Editor enables me to clean up the tracks pretty fast and efficiently.

This software is still under rapid development and expect some hiccups from the software but overall it's usable for my needs. Unfortunately GPX Editor only runs on Windows platform, however i have tested it to run under Wine for my Ubuntu Linux platform and it runs and performs most of the functions but the map background overlay does not work from the software. You will have to open the html file created at the same folder to view it in your web browser.

These are some of the nice features GPX Editor has to offer:
  • Reads and writes GPX and KML Files, read NGT files.
  • Quick preview of tracks and waypoints.
  • Zoom and move the map.
  • Editable GPX properties.
  • Merging GPX files.
  • Copy, delete, cut in parts, join tracks.
  • Reduce point number using different methods.
  • English, French, German and Spanish translation.
  • Various map sources for background annotation (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, etc)

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  1. sounds just what I'm looking for ... but I want it for MAC :-(


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