How to disable Amazon Kindle Keyboard screensaver

By default if you leave your Kindle Keyboard idle for 10 minutes without turning a page, it will enter screensaver mode (sleep mode). There are times you just need it to stay on a page without going in to screensaver mode. This post will show you how you can disable the screensaver mode.

Disable screensaver mode
  1. Press Home button.
  2. Press Del button. This will bring up the search box.
  3. Type ;debugOn and press Enter.
  4. Type ~disableScreensaver and press Enter.
  5. Type ;debugOff and press Enter.
Once you have disabled the screensaver mode, you can manually switch to screensaver mode by using the power slider.

Re-enable screensaver mode
  1. Press Home button.
  2. Press Del button. This will bring up the search box.
  3. Type ;debugOn and press Enter.
  4. Type ~resumeScreensaver and press Enter.
  5. Type ;debugOff and press Enter.
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  1. It would be so nice to let the below button be functional to turn the screensaver manually on. Is there any solution?


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