This is a application that locks your Nokia 5800 XM using various methods. Its fully customizable to your daily usage of your Nokia 5800 XM.
  1. Lock & Unlock using:
    • Buttons (Green, White, Red, Volume Up/Down and Camera).
    • Customizable Lock and Unlock sound.
    • Double Tapping on screen.
    • Phone position/movement (Vertical Upward, Vertical Downwards, Vertical Left, Vertical Right, Level Up and Level Down).
    • Customizable phone positioning/movement.
    • Proximity sensor (blocking sensor beside the camera, locks/unlocks phone if there is something blocking the sensor).
  2. Built-in phone burglar alarm. 
  3. Use of sliding homescreen to unlocks phone.
  4. Auto restart phone.
* These are unsigned appliactions. You need to sign the application first before you can install into your Nokia 5800 XM. Refer to this post of how you can sign these applications.

 [DOWNLOAD] MyKeyLock v1.1.9 (Unsigned)
 [DOWNLOAD] MyKeyLock v1.1.8 (Unsigned)
 [DOWNLOAD] MyKeyLock v1.1.7 (Unsigned)

A Demo Video of MyKeyLock by Yuelongr, the author of MyKeyLock


  1. Daily Mobile Forum
  2. Yuelongr, The Author of MyKeyLock


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