How to download maps for offline usage in ViewRanger Nokia Symbian

This is a brief descriptions on how to create an offline map to use in ViewRanger application for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. I use this method to create my offline topographic map (Open Cycle Map) for ViewRanger so that i can use it without going online while tracking my hiking trails.

  1. Download MOBAC.
  2. Download ViewToolRanger.
  3. Extract both downloaded applications into their respective directories.
  4. Start MOBAC and create a new atlas in Mobile Atlas Creator using the "OSM Tracker tile storage" format. 
    • For details on how to create the atlas, please read the MOBAC documentation.
  5. Start ViewToolRanger.
  6. Go to Mobile Atlas Creator tab and setup the conversion.
    • For details on the setup, please read the ViewToolRanger documentation.
  7. Start the conversion.
13 August 2012
Map cache location in mobile operating system:
  1. Symbian : /ViewRanger/MapCache/_PAlbTN/[layer]/[zoom]/[x]/[y]
  2. Android : /Android/data/[layer]/[zoom]/[x]/[y]
14 August 2012
Just in case you were unable to select Open Cycle Map as your download source in your MOBAC software, please refer to How to add OSM Cycle Map as custom map source to MOBAC post on how to add the download source.

3rd September 2012
Please note when selecting the MOBAC output folder in ViewToolRanger for conversion, select the Atlases parent folder for the ViewToolRanger to work properly.

References or Credits:
  1. MOBAC
  2. ViewToolRanger
  3. How to add OSM Cycle Map as custom map source to MOBAC
  4. Viewranger map cache structure



  1. I am desperate to adopt this to Android. Can it be done?

    1. Hi,

      I am sorry i am not sure how to do that as i don't have an Android device.

    2. Hi,

      I have updated this post to include the path location in Android smartphone where the map cache tiles are saved. Please refer to my update.


  2. thanks for sharing this article, i have followed these steps but when i go to convert and process the maps onto the n95 is tells me the conversion fails, any handy tips? thanks again

    1. Hi, perhaps you can try not to set the target location into your phone yet. Set it into your local hard disk location and then do the conversion. Manually copy the converted tiles into the phone. That's what i did.

    2. thats a great tip. Many thanks i shall give it a go, Just to share with people i use my n95 for all cycling trips, tracking gps and mapping, with a nokia cylign charger, im not risking my iphone ;) great tips and appreciate you getting back, your time is appreciated - James

    3. Hello James, I am glad that my sharing helped you. Nowadays i am relying on my Garmin eTrex 20 for hiking purposes. Though i have got myself a brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the battery time is horrible compare to my Nokia 5800. It's just not practical for my day trips.

    4. Hello just to come back to this, After leaving it for a few months i deceided to give it a try this evening and it now works

      Just so people know
      I have mobac installed in c:\Mobac maps\ and the viewranger tool in the same directory but in its own folder, i run both as Administrator

      Download the maps as per the instrustions above then used technocrat tips to export viewranger tool maps to local drive first, in my case c:\Mobac maps\Viewrangertool\export

      Then manually copied them into the viewrange mapcache directory with no worries.

      Thank you very much, all working :D

  3. Hi, firstly thanks for your work, but i have problems with converting the maps from mobac with view tool ranger. I alway get the same failure notice. Just did it like you wrote. I uploaded a picture with ne notice an ne mobac settings. profile is OSMTracke tile storage. it would be really kind if you help me =)


    1. Hi Heinrich, did you tried to show me a screenshot? I don't think blogger comments can upload any pictures. Perhaps you can upload to a file sharing site and give me the link to it. Thank you.

    2. Hey,

      I solved the problem by myself =). I chose the wrong folder in View Tool Ranger. Maybe you should add that your have to choose the parent folder "atlases". But now it works really great !!! Thank you for this Tutorial =) now I dont need a Garmin-GPS :D You did a great job !


    3. Hello Heinrich, thanks for the pointer. I have updated the post to remind my readers to select the right folder level.

  4. Is the second stage necessary? Ie the ViewToolRanger?

    MOBAC has an output that generates the Viewranger cache format, just copy the generated atlas files to the phone cache folder, observing the directory structure, and it works.

    1. Which version of MOBAC allows you to save as .vr? I have found a readme stating that... but I dont know which version.

      I cant get viewtoolranger to export my os25 map.

    2. Hi Anonymous,

      I also saw that MOBAC (1.9.11) has Viewranger as output option and creates a VR directory structure & files. Could you be bit more specific on the "just copy it to the cache"? I know it should be copied into in the MapCache\_PAlbTN directory, but where? In that directory VR has created several subdirectories indicated with numbers that make no sense to me (nor the creation dates), e.g. 87, 88, 127, 128 etc. Do you add a new directory? I tried that but my phone could not find the maps.
      Help is appreciated!

    3. and again too quick, it is in the help file, sorry:
      Creating and using atlases with Viewranger

      For creating atlases compatible with Viewranger(VR) you have to select Viewranger as format in atlas format selection dialog that appears when starting a new atlas (menu Atlas entry New Atlas).

      Maximum Zoomlevel of Viewranger is 18, minimum is 3.

      After creating youre atlas the folder structure looks like:

      Mobile Atlas Creator 1.9\atlases\VR_2012-03-28_154944\OSM\13\4308
      Mobile Atlas Creator 1.9\atlases\VR_2012-03-28_154944\OSM\14\43
      Mobile Atlas Creator 1.9\atlases\VR_2012-03-28_154944\google\13\4308
      Mobile Atlas Creator 1.9\atlases\VR_2012-03-28_154944\google\14\43
      Now we have to Create a Folder Structure on the Device:

      If you youre VR Folder is on E: it is on Symbian located in E:/ViewRanger/MapCache/_PAlbTN/

      In this folder create following Subfolders, if not already present:


      e.g. /ViewRanger/MapCache/_PAlbTN/84

      Copy the content of "OSM" into 84, "google" into 85 and so on.

      Now it looks like: E:/ViewRanger/MapCache/_PAlbTN/13/4308/2687 , 2687 is a tile

      VR has different Online Mapsources which are assigned to the Numbers as shown:

      OSM Direct->87
      OSM Midnigth->88
      OSM Fresh->89
      Open Piste Map->129
      Of course you can fill the Tilecache with different Maps.

      I use the Open Piste Map eg. as "OSM Public Transport"

  5. can you create opencycle map for Philippines?

    1. Hi Bofill, i would be glad to do it for you but the files set is going to be huge to send to you. Are you having problem downloading the map?

  6. Please can someone help!
    I open MOBAC.
    Select a zoom level (ie 12)
    Draw a box around the area I want to use.
    Click "add selection"
    Select "OSMTracker Tile Storage"
    Create Atlas

    In the MOBAC directory I get a folder ...\atlases\Layer name_2013-04-02_205834\Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps (UK)\12\2010

    I now open ViewToolRanger and select the Mobil Atlas Creator tab.
    Choose the MOBAC folder as atlases
    Choose my detination (desktop/new folder)
    Choose the atlas (Layer name_2013-04-02_205834)

    and I get
    Your map cannot be converted to VR.Choose one of the folling formats...
    Mapnik, OSM cycle map etc etc.

    What am I doing wrong? I have tried all different levels for the atlas folder.

    Please help!

    1. Actually... The instructions are right. I have to use one of the maps it tells me to use. Not OS explorer.

      I thought the tiles generated by mobile atlas creator were just lots of .pngs regardless of the map.

    2. Hi rikpotts, sorry been busy these few days. Glad you got it sorted out.


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