How to add widgets in Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Somehow I keep forgetting how to add widgets in my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It's so easy but the function is hidden from plain sight compare to the vanilla Google Android provided in my old Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Maybe I did not fiddle with widgets so much nowadays. I am documenting this to remind myself of how to add app widgets to the home screen for Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
Below I have documented the steps in video format and step by step screenshots format.



Step 1 : From the home screen do a pinch zoom and you shall enter the home screen customization mode.

Step 2 : Tap the "Widgets" button.

Step 3 : Tap and hold the widget that you want to place on the home screen.

Step 4 : Immediately your screen will move to the home screen for you to place it wherever you want.


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