How to recalibrate your Samsung Note 4 battery

After more than year using the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, I have notice that the battery life seems to be deteriorating. The phone shut down at around 20% of battery level. I was thinking of buying a new battery but I remember I read somewhere on the internet that the battery can be recalibrated to restore the correct reading. That would be the first thing I should do before I decided to get a new battery.

From my online research, there seems to be a built-in function in the phone that does the recalibration but there is no official documentation that stated it. I suspect it is possibly built for Samsung production factories to use it whenever they put in a new battery and it is not meant for public usage.

After I ran the recalibration, the battery life seems to improve and the readings are more accurate as in there were no sudden drops of battery life level percentage which I experienced many times and cause the phone to shut down immediately at 20% level.

Below are the steps on how to start the calibration.


Before you proceed, make sure that your battery life level is less than 30%. This is because of multiple reports from forumers that it works better at around that level. I personally believe that at that level, the voltage level fluctuates more regularly making the reading from that phone inaccurate. At that level, the calibration probably load up a factory battery profile and try to match it to a proper level. Expect the battery level to drop and get ready to start charging again after the drop.

Step 1

Using the phone dialer, dial this number : *#0228#
It will bring up the "BatteryStatus" screen that list down the information about your battery status.

Step 2

Notice that there is a "QUICK START" button at the bottom of the screen. Press the button to start the battery calibration.

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