An Excel Watchlist with Fundamental Analysis for Value Stocks

This is an article from InvestCoach (Chua I-Min) written by his young investor to make analysis easier with an Excel spreadsheet he created. He explained thoroughly in his write up on how to use the Excel spreadsheet running fundamental analysis on a Singapore company stock (Singapore Post) based on the strategy tought by Chua I-Min.

I manage to download the spreadsheet and played around with it and I am impressed! How the spreadsheet help, is to gives you an indication of red and green flag for every types of analysis and in the end, it's really up to you to make the decision to put the company stocks into your watchlist or invest in it. To get the Excel watchlist and the explaination on how to use it, head over to:
Using this does makes life easier to scoop out good company stocks and start watching over it for bargains.


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