Fundamental Analysis of Malaysia’s Stocks Market

Fundamental Analysis Strategy Chart from Chua I-Min slides

There was a Fundamental Analysis of Malaysia’s Stock Market workshop organized by Bursa Market Place at 4 Sep 2016 and this is a summary of what I have learned from the workshop. The purpose of workshop was to educate the audience to have a strategy of stock investment for Malaysia’s stocks market to ensure a lower investment risk by choosing the right company stock to invest. An example of an investment strategy was presented to make the audience understand and to have an educated strategy on stock investment. The presenter or speaker for the day was Chua I-Min (CFA) from a share investment coaching company (abmaximus) in Singapore.

The example investment strategy is based on Fundamental Analysis to help the audience to select sound businesses to invest in. It is a general strategy that applies to all industries but the presenter also discussed on 5 specific industry case study based on current situation during the second half of the day during workshop. During the case study session, unique analysis was discussed for each industry.

Fundamental Analysis Strategy in a Nutshell

In a nutshell, the analysis strategy can be divided into 4 types of analysis:
  1. Business or Industry Analysis
  2. Financial Statement Analysis
  3. Pricing Analysis
  4. Risks Analysis
Each of the analysis is to make sure that you select the right company or business to invest for long term. I have summarized the workshop content (including the notes that I manage to scribble from the presentation, that were not in the slides) into 2 write-ups.
As this is a rather long write-up, I have split these write-up into 2 blog posts for easier reading on smartphones and tablets. Please refer to the 2 links above for my summary write-ups.

I have also uploaded the presentation slides for your references. 


I am not a guru in stock investment and I am still learning how to get a good returns from my investment. This write up is my sharing of what I have learned. I cannot guarantee that this strategy works for all time and situations. Nevertheless, I would like to hear from you on any suggestions or critic. I could learn something from you, visitor. Thank you for reading.


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