How to rip DVDs to MKV or MP4 files

This is how to rip a DVD movie and convert it to either MKV file or MP4 file with compressed video  and audio data (smaller file size).

Personally I prefer to convert it to MKV format as I can embed the multiple channel of language audio and subtitles that are already available in the DVD itself.

Software tools needed:

  1. MakeMKV
  2. Handbrake

Operating System: 

  • Windows


  1. Use MakeMKV to extract out the video, audio and subtitles data from the DVD to a mkv file. This extraction will take around 20 minutes to complete and expect that the file size of this file is the same as the DVD. This is because there is no compression of the video and audio data yet.
  2. Use Handbrake to convert the DVD extracted mkv file to either mp4 or maintain mkv file format with compressed video and audio data. Depends on the settings of Handbrake, it might took as long as 2 to 3 hours for conversion.
    • Make sure that you choose the desired language audio channel to be in the converted file.
    • Make sure that you choose the desired subtitles to be in the converted file.
Note: I'm not putting in detailed steps as there are many posts in the internet written about it. Just Google search with terms like:
  • how to rip dvd with makemkv
  • how to convert video files with handbrake
  • how to rip dvd with makemkv and handbrake


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