Samsung Gear Fit Reviews

Samsung Gear Fit
This is a collection of Samsung Gear Fit reviews worth reading before you decide on getting the Samsung Gear Fit for yourself. Most of the reviews that I have listed here are from forums. The reason that I favour reviews from forums is that the writers are owners of Samsung Gear Fit that actually bought the device with their own money. I felt that these writers are more honest with their opinions and verdicts. I've also included some forum threads that discussed about known issues and the workarounds. I've also included customer reviews from Amazon as I felt those reviews are really valuable in helping you making a purchase decision. The Samsung Gear Fit was released in April 2014 and since then, there are a number of improvement made to the device firmware and the Gear Fit Manager Android app. So I've dated the review to give you a sense of time when the reviews were written.

  1. XDA Developers : Gear Fit Review - Thoughts and Observations here
    (7 April 2014)
  2. Android Central Forums : My Gear Fit Review
    (14 July 2014)
  3. XDA Developers : Samsung Gear Fit Vs Sony SmartWatch 2
    (17 June 2014)
  4. Android Central Forums : A Review After 3 Months of Ownership and Usage
    (28 Feb 2015)
  5. Android Central Forums : Galaxy Gear Fit reboot loop 
  6. Android Central Forums : Gear Fit Known Issues
  7. Android Central Forums : Longer Battery Life?
  8. : Samsung Gear Fit customer reviews
  9. Howard Forums : Our Samsung Gear Fit Review: Wrist-Worthy?
    (5 June 2014)
  10. DC Rainmaker: The Pinnacle of Fitness Failure: Samsung’s Gear Fit Activity Tracker
    (16 April 2014)
  11. Engadget: Samsung Gear Fit review: a messy merger of fitness band and smartwatch
    (21 April 2014)
  12. BestBuy: Samsung - Gear Fit Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor - Black (Reviews)
  13. Digital Trends : 7 common Samsung Gear Fit problems and potential solutions
    (17 Feb 2015)
  14. PC Advisor : Microsoft Band vs Samsung Gear Fit comparison: Band has many benefits but design & availability make Gear Fit a solid contender
    (7 Nov 2014)


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