How to make blog post images responsive in Blogger

This is how you can make all your blog post images responsive to the different screen sizes.
Add this line into your Blogger custom CSS section:
.post-body img { width: 100%; height: auto }


  1. Thank You very much you have solved my problem

  2. It worked great on the mobile display... but it messed the desktop display :
    - messed with alignment of main picture
    - displayed small images (opening bigger through lightbox) in full screen

  3. Thank You! This is very helpful. I tried other tutorials with so many codes but were so confusing while your tutorial solved my problem with just 1 line of code. Awesome!

  4. Thanks a lot, it worked like magic

  5. How to make embeded audio and video player responsive in blogger posts.?

    1. You can refer to


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