How to get hourly vibration on your Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Gear Fit
This is how you can get hourly vibration notifications on your Samsung Gear Fit. The Samsung Gear Fit does not have sound notifications instead it has vibration notifications. You can use it to notify you when the clock strikes an hour. It's a great way to keep track of time just like using a traditional digital watch hour chime feature.

1. Download Gear Fit KokoClock Sun&Moon from Google Play Store.
2. Run "Gear Fit Manager".
3. Go to "Home screen styler".
Gear Fit Manager's Home screen styler

4. Go to "Clock" tab.
5. Scroll down till you see KokoClock Sun&Moon.
4. Go to it's settings.

5. Make sure the "o'clock alarm" is checked.

You don't have to use the KokoClock Sun & Moon watch face to get the hourly vibration alert / notifications. You can still use other watch face and get the hourly vibration.


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