iRova KK8 Review: Did it manage to cover all floor space?

I think it did but first, let me explain its various cleaning modes (total 6 cleaning modes) available from this robot vacuum. These cleaning modes can be controlled using the "mode" button on the remote control. However, when I press the mode button, the LCD display will only show mode 1 to mode 4. Only Spot Cleaning Mode has it's dedicated button for it.

Auto Cleaning Mode

This is the default cleaning mode when you power on the iRova KK8. It switches between Spot Cleaning Mode, S-shape Cleaning Mode and Edge Cleaning mode. It's unknown to me how it decide when to switch cleaning modes.

Spot Cleaning Mode (Spot button)

When iRova KK8 detects a dirtier area using it's dust sensor, it will switch to Spot Cleaning Mode where it will move in spiral outwards direction to rapidly clean the area until clean. There is a dust sensor built-in the vacuum intake passage way to determine if the area is dirty.

Edge Cleaning Mode (Mode button)

The iRova KK8 will only move along the perimeter of the room enable it to clean the edge of the walls.

Spiral Cleaning Mode (Mode button)

This cleaning mode is slightly different from Spot Cleaning Mode. Instead of moving in spiral outwards direction, it moves in spiral inwards direction. Once it finish spiral into the center, it will move to another spot and move in spiral inwards direction again.

S-shape Cleaning Mode (Mode button)

The iRova will move in S-shape direction from one wall to another wall.

Random Cleaning Mode (Mode button)

There is no moving pattern for this. Once it hits a wall or obstacle, it will move to another direction in random.

From my observation; when the robot vacuum starts (Auto Cleaning Mode), it will start to move spiral outwards. Once it hits something, it will start to move in zig-zag (S-shape Cleaning Mode). After some time, it will start to move along the perimeter of the room (Edge Cleaning Mode). After finish exploring the whole room perimeter with the Edge Cleaning Mode, it switches back to S-shape Cleaning Mode. It cycles between these two cleaning modes until it's battery level is low and it will return to its docking station for charging.

Overall from my observation, it did manage to cover all spaces (except spaces that are too narrow or too low). Some spots get cleans more time than other spots. Comparing to Neato with its laser mapping system, Neato is able to clean efficiently by covering all floor space and knows when to stop when all floor space have already been covered. I think Neato would probably take 15 minutes to clean my floor. This iRova KK8 does not have a sophisticated mapping system so it relies on its Auto Cleaning Mode and 90 minutes operation time limit to cover as much floor space as possible. Although it does not have a sophisticated mapping system like Neato but I think It's Auto Cleaning Mode is good enough for me.



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