iRova KK8 Robotic Vacuum User Manual

Front Page
This is the user manual included in the iRova KK8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. I used my smartphone to capture every page of the manual and uploaded here for future references and also if you are looking for this manual to see what does this robot vacuum can do.

Table of Contents

Page 1 : Safety Instructions

Page 2 : Product Features

Page 3 : Product Features

Page 4 : Product Components

Page 5 : Product Components

Page 6 : Product Components

Page 7 : Product Components

Page 8 : Product Compoenents

Page 9 : Product Operation

Page 10 : Product Operation

Page 11 : Product Operation

Page 12 : Product Operation

Page 13 : Product Maintaining

Page 14 : Product Maintaining

Page 15 : Troubleshooting

Page 16 : Exploded diagram

Page 17 : Battery removal & Product specifications
[16 MAR 2015] I manage to find a PDF format for the user manual. Download it here.



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