iRova KK8 Robotic Vacuum Review

Having a hectic work schedule and long working hours during the weekdays had cause me to be so tired by the time I reach home at night. A basic house chore like sweeping the floor is such a struggle. I have been considering getting a robotic vacuum cleaner to at least keep the floor clean till the weekends so that I can mop the floor with water.
After I did some research on various robotic vacuum cleaners in the market, the good ones are really expensive. Prices range from RM1000 to RM3000. These are from major brands such as iRobot, Samsung, LG, Neato and etc. I couldn't bring myself to spend more than RM1000 for a device to just sweep the floor for me but I did found out that there are those OEM robotic vacuum cleaners from China that got re-badged and sold in Malaysia which the prices range from RM200 to RM1000. Price ranges depends on the features of the robotic vacuum cleaners. After going through Youtube videos and customers feedbacks, I narrow down my choice to a robotic vacuum cleaner sold in Lazada with many good reviews. This particular robotic vacuum cleaner is iRova KK8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

This is a long review so I have to split it into different topics covering this iRova KK8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. Below is the table of contents listing the topics about this robotic vacuum cleaner.

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Before I start my review of this iRova KK8 robotic vacuum cleaner, let's go through its product specifications and what are the parts included in the box.


Because this is an OEM China product, the documentation of this product is somewhat lacking and inaccurate. Below are the specifications that I put together from various sources (iRova website, user manual, Xiamen Pakwang Co Ltd - OEM website).

Information Source
Rated power
55 W
iRova website
Vacuum suction power
0.5 KPA
iRova website
0.46 L/S
iRova website
Charger Input voltage
100 V ~ 240 V
iRova website
Charger Output voltage
DC 20V, 1000mA
OEM website
Battery type
NiMH 14.4 V
OEM website
Battery capacity
OEM website
Charging time
300 min
User manual
Working time
90 min
User manual
Dust bin capacity
0.4 L
iRova website
Cleaning speed
16.5 - 18.5 cm/s
iRova website
2.5 Kg
iRova website
30 cm
OEM website
7.5 cm
OEM website
Noise level
55 dB
OEM website
Filtration system
HEPA filter
OEM website
Cleaning modes
Auto, Spot, Edge, Spiral, S-shape and Random
User manual
Number of sensors
OEM website
Yes, only daily schedule.
User manual
Cliff falling avoidance
User manual
Dust detection
Yes. When it detects less particles/dust on the floor, it will move faster. While, when detect dusty area, it will slow down and adjust cleaning speed or automatically turn to spot cleaning for the area.
User manual, OEM website
Mapping system
No, not specified in user manuals or any websites.
User manual
Auto return to docking station
Yes, when battery level is low or Home button is press at the remote controller.
User manual
Remote control navigation
Yes, directional buttons are at the remote controller.
User manual
Obstacle avoidance
Yes, when it detect objects in front, it will speed down, knock and change direction.
OEM website
Remote controller
Yes, it provides control for start cleaning, cleaning modes selection, return to docking station, navigation, spot cleaning, scheduling and
User manual

What is included in the box?

Main Unit
Dust bin assembly
Hepa Filter
1 (this is a spare, there is another 1 in the dust bin assembly)
Left side brush
Right side brush
Mop pad
Cleaning brush
Docking station
Power supply unit



  1. Nice Post.
    Valuable information and great product.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Robot vacuum cleaner

  2. good vacuum cleaner is expensive and it is expensive because. it will work in better way.

  3. very useful information and thanks for sharing :D

  4. thanks, don't need to move with vacuum anymore, just automatic :)

  5. Thanks for your very detail information. I just got mine on Lazada. When we don't have more budget for irobot, and don't know how bad will the low price auto-robot goes, your review helps. Thanks !

  6. Wonderful review, robotic vacuum cleaner is definitely a good option for time management but I prefer some exercise with my vacuum.


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