iRova KK8 Review: How well does it clean?

How did it do well?

After a week of use, this iRova KK8 robotic vacuum cleaner manage to suck all dust, hair and lizard shit from the edge of the wall, under the furniture and open space every time. So yes, it's good at its job.
It has two side brushes, one at the right and one at the left. These brushes spin in opposite directions of each other (the left brush spins clockwise and the right brush spins counter clockwise) where they help to sweep inward to the vacuum intake. I notice that these brushes are pretty effective brushing whatever on its sides into the vacuum intake hole so that the vacuum can suck all the dust, hair or even lizard shit into the dust bin. It also has a mop pad located just behind the vacuum intake hole which will pick up whatever dust particles that escape the vacuum.

The way I use it currently is I put it to run every day before I leave for work and it will return to its docking station when it's battery level is running low. During the weekends, I don't have to sweep the floor and all I need to do is mop my floor with water.

What it didn't do well?

There is no such things as perfect for everything in life and that goes the same for this as well. There are few things I discover that it did not do well.

Loose Floor Mat

Because it's a loose floor mat, it will get entangled and part of the mat will be sucked into the vacuum inlet and the whole iRova KK8 will get stuck and stalled. It will overload the vacuum pump and eventually fry it. So before using it, keep the loose floor mat away.

Light Items

This iRova KK8 have to knock on the wall or obstacles (items) in order to switch direction. Empty dust bins or toys are those items that it will bulldoze through. So it's a good practice to tidy up your floor and keep all light items away before using it.

Long Hairs

Long hairs tend to get tangled at the brush motor. Be sure to check for long hairs at the brush motor when cleaning it.
Long hair entangled at the side brush



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