Wake up your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 without pressing any buttons

You can wake up or turn on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 screen without pressing the power button or even the home button. All you need to do to, is to wave your hands over your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the screen will then wake up to show your the time and awaiting for you to unlock the screen.

Video Tutorial

Screenshots Tutorial

To do the hand waving magic, you will need to enable a built-in feature of "Air wake up" in your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This feature basically sense your hands gesture of waving upwards to wake up the screen. Here is how you can enable the feature:

1. Go to "Settings".

2. Go to "Accessibility".

3. Go to "Dexterity and interaction".

4. Go to "Air wake up".

5. Turn on the "Air wake up" feature.

After you have turn on the "Air wake up" feature, put your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 flat on a table and try waving your hands over it to get the hang of it. I find this feature is really useful whenever I just want to check the time or what kinds of notifications without unlocking the screen while at work.

Note: It will only work while the device is put on a flat horizontal surface.


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