How to open 2 Excel files and separately show them in 2 computer monitors.

By default if you try double clicking and open 2 Excel files, they will open up and stack into 1 instance of Excel program. What if you are cross referencing 2 Excel files using 2 monitors? You definitely want them to show each in one monitor (if you have 2 computer monitors). This is how simple you can workaround it:

  1. Directly run Excel program from your start menu 2 times so that you have two Excel running at the same time. Notice that they are in separate window instead of stacking on each other.
  2. Drag each of your Excel files into each of the running Excel program. Now you have 2 windows of Excel showing each of your Excel files. 
  3. Just put each of your Excel window to each of your 2 computer monitors. Now you can cross reference your 2 Excel files using 2 computer monitors.


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