Schedule your Android Auto Sync to maximize battery life with Tasker

One of the way to maximize your Android battery life is to avoid running your Auto Sync all the time. Through out the usage of my Android phone, I have accumulated quite a number of Android apps that uses the Anroid Auto Sync feature to get data into the Android phone. By using Tasker, I can schedule the Auto Sync to run every one hour for 5 minutes. My battery life improved significantly after that. Below is the recipe for the Tasker profile.

Profile: Scheduled Auto Sync (12)
Time: From 08:00 every 1h Till 23:00
State: Not Wifi Connected [ SSID:* MAC:* IP:* ]
State: Mobile Network [ 2G:Off 3G:On 3G - HSPA:On 4G:Off ]
Enter: Anon (13)
A1: Auto-Sync [ Set:On ]
A2: Wait [ MS:0 Seconds:0 Minutes:5 Hours:0 Days:0 ]
A3: Auto-Sync [ Set:Off ]


  1. just curious if you know how often data gets auto sync'd prior to setting something like this up? i mean does everything start syncing when you turn it back on or do apps sync on some schedule of their own?

    1. How often the data gets auto sync depends on the app settings. Some developer will let you control the frequency. Some won't. Once you turn it back on, all apps will start sync immediately from my observation. I hope I answered your questions.

    2. you've definitely answered my questions to this and will be using your bit of code. just need to schedule it better so that I'm not flooded with data when trying to actually use it. thank you!

    3. Glad you find this useful. Thanks.


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