Make a vertical stand for your modem and router to save some table space

Since I bought my D-Link DNS-320L NAS filer, I was trying to find space on the table I placed my fiber modem and WiFi router together. With the addition of the NAS filer, the space of that table suddenly almost fully occupied. To save some space, I came with an idea if placing those modems and routers vertically to save one device space. I use my old Samsung Galaxy Nexus package box and cut out some opening to slot in those devices.

A precision caliper and sharp penknife are the necessary tools to get the opening wide enough for the devices to slot in. I could make 3 slots on this box but since I only have 2, devices, this will do.

The good thing about placing the devices in vertical is the devices has more surface exposing to the air and thus making a better cooling from the ambient wind in the room.


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