How to estimate a minimum pageviews for a targeted Google Adsense earning from CPC and CTR

Ever wonder how many Google Adsense page views you need to earn $100 per month for your website or blog from Google Adsense? These are the calculations that will guide you to plan a target Google Adsense page views to earn your target monthly earning base on your recent CPC (Cost Per Click) and CTR (Click Through Rate).

Before you start, you will need to get your CPC and CTR values from your Google Adsense report. You can either use the values based on last month, last 30 days or last 3 months. Lets say for example your values looks something like this:

CPC = 0.5
CTR = 1.00%

To get an idea of how many page views you will need per month based on the CPC and CTR values to earn $100 per month, this is how the calculation looks like:

((100 / 0.5) / 1.00) x 100 = 20,000 page views

In summary:

Target page views = ((target earning / CPC) / CTR ) x 100 percent

In order to earn $100 per month based on the current CPC and CTR values from your Google Adsense report, you will need at least 20,000 page views.


Note that this target page views is an estimation to give you an idea of how many page views you should try to get but at the end of the month, it will also depends on your quality of your page views. If you tried too hard to promote your website or blog and end up getting lots of low quality traffic that does not convert (page views that don't click ads), you might not be hitting your target of $100 per month. That’s because you might be getting lower CTR and thus your ad space might not be fetching a premium CPC price.

The page views in discussion here are referring to the page views recorded in your Google Adsense report. This page views value will be different from your Google Analytics report as there are visitors that block your Google Adsense ads or search engine bots might be visiting your website or blog.


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