How to setup Tonido Desktop on Ubuntu 12.04LTS

This post is about setting Tonido on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with service to automatically starts Tonido every time the computer system starts.

Recently I was looking for a software solution to turn my old Asus EeePC netbook into a personal home storage server. I found a few good solutions from my research and for my personal use case, Tonido Desktop seems to be a good fit.

Tonido Desktop has few advantages over other solutions that I felt it qualifies for my use:
  1. It’s the easiest to setup compare to FreeNAS or ownCloud.
  2. Free Android app to access my files using my Android smartphone and tablet. 
  3. Free sub domain (https://<username> for easy access to my personal home storage  server from anywhere in the world. This eliminates the effort of setting up your own domain name and port forwarding on my router for file access from the Internet.
  4. File sync capability (limited to 2GB files for the free Tonido Desktop software).
  5. Runs on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Tonido provides deb package for Linux installation. Tonido also provides software installation for Windows and Mac.
I manage to setup the Tonido Desktop on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS in less than two hours. Tonido Desktop installation does not comes with Linux service setup but setting up a custom service for it to starts every time the OS starts, is not a hard to do. Below are my steps to get the Tonido Desktop setup on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS netbook to run as a personal home storage server.


Download Ubuntu 12.0 LTS iso file.

Go to and download "Ubuntu Desktop".

Install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on netbook.

1. Partition 5GB for “/” mount point.
2. Partition 1GB for swap space.
3. Partition the rest of the HDD space for “/home” mount point.

Download free Tonido Desktop software for Linux.

Go to and download "Tonido for Linux".

Install and run Tonido Desktop software on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS netbook.

1. Double-Click on it and click "Install Package".
2. For more information, please refer to Basic Ubuntu Linux installation for Tonido.

Create Tonido account.

1. Start Tonido from Applications -> Internet -> Tonido
2. Default web browser will launch to show the account creation webpage.
3. Create an account for Tonido sub domain login. This will enables you to login from anywhere in the world to your Tonido Desktop running at home.

Setup Tonido for remote admin.

1. Go to “Settings -> Network (tab)”.
2. Check “Allow Remote Admin, New Account Creation and Remote Deletion” option under “Web Settings” section.

Setup Tonido to start as service in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

1. Start a command line console.
2. Change directory to /etc/init.d directory.
3. Create a new script in the directory.
sudo vi
4. Copy and paste the lines below into the new script.
su <user> -c "bash -c ' /usr/local/ $1'"
5. Replace the “<user>” with the user account name that Tonido is going to run as.
6. Save and close the script.
7. Setup the Tonido service script with appropriate permission.
sudo chmod 777 ./
8. Setup the service script to run as service every time the OS boots up or starts.
sudo update-rc.d defaults


To remove the script from the OS service list, run this command:
sudo update-rc.d remove
To test run without rebooting the OS:
sudo service start

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