How to install Bittorrent Sync on D-Link DNS-320L NAS

This is how to install Bittorrent Sync on your D-Link DNS-320L NAS server.



Step 1 : Change directory into "/ffp/sbin".

cd /ffp/sbin/

Step 2 : Download Bittorrent Sync for ARM from Bittorrent Sync website.


Step 3 : Extract the executable file from the downloaded tar.gz archive.

tar zxvf btsync_arm.tar.gz

Step 4 : By default the executable file does not have the execute permission enabled. Enable the execute permission.

chmod a+x ./btsync 

Step 5 : Change the ownership of the executable to root.

chown root:root ./btsync

Step 6 : Change directory into "/ffp/start/".

cd /ffp/start/

Step 7 : create a btsync start script "". Copy and paste the codes below.

# prOVIDE: inetd
. /ffp/etc/ffp.subr

Step 8 : Make the script executable

chmod 755 /ffp/start/

Now Bittorrent Sync will autostarts whenever your D-Link DNS-320L NAS server starts.

To manually starts Bittorrent Sync


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  1. Hello!! Your guide is excellent but i am having problems with permissions. Whenever a new file is synced, that file is owned by root. So i can't access the files using a network share. Do you know how to solve this?


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