How to Synchronize Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

This is how I setup a one-way synchronization from my Outlook 2010 calendar to Google Calendar. Starting from January 2013, Google discontinued the Google Calendar Sync software that everyone is using to synchronize their Outlook calendar and Google Calendar. The software allows synchronization setup of either one-way or two-way. Since the software is now discontinued, I found another way to synchronize my Outlook calendar to Google Calendar however it's limited to one-way sync from Outlook calendar to Google Calendar.

Publish your Outlook calendar to

Step 1: Go to Calendar and look for this button: Home > Publish Online.

Step 2: Click the button and configure the publishing options.

Step 3: Set the detail level to "Full details". You will need the full details set so that Google Calendar can show the details of the calendar event.

Step 4: Set the permissions to "Only invited users ...". This is for added security for not to reveal your calendar events to anonymous eyes. You can set to "Anyone" for simplicity.

Step 5: Select your preferred "Time Span" of your calendar events.

Step 6: Click "OK" and your Outlook calendar will publish to A pop up dialog box will inform you of the successful publication and ask if you like to send invitation to let people access your Outlook calendar.

Step 7: Click "Yes" and you will be presented with an email in compose mode. Enter your Gmail address and click "Send". You need to send this invitation so you can restrict the access to specific email address.

Subscribe to Outlook calendar using Google Calendar

Step 1: You should now received an email from your Outlook email. Open the email and the email should have the webcal address of your published Outlook calendar at The webcal address should look like this:

Step 2: Go to your Google Calendar. Under “Other calendars” list, drop-down the menu next to it. Select “Add by URL”.

Step 3: You will be prompt with a dialog box to ask you for the URL address of the ics file. Copy and paste the webcal address from your email into the URL box. Do not click “Add Calendar” yet!

Step 4: Replace the “webcal” text with “https” and click the “Add Calendar” button.

Your Google Calendar is now subscribing to your Outlook calendar. Every time when you receive new appointments or new events in your Outlook, your Google Calendar will automatically get updated through the published calendar in This is because your Outlook will periodically update the published calendar in


Microsoft will discontinue calendar publishing on on April 5th, 2014.


20 FEB 2014: 
Register an account at and publish your Microsoft Outlook calendar (use the WebDav option from the drop down list) to the Once published, will provide you with a link to the ics file. Use Google calendar to subscribe to the shared ics file.


  1. It looks like this feature is being depricated on 5 Apr 2014. Any ideas on how to achieve the same functionality?

    Just when I found this feature and needed it, its being deprecated.

    1. Currently I still have not found other solutions for this. Other file sync/sharing will not allow Google calendar to fetch the ics file because the sites are using robots.txt to block Google. I guess the only way I can think of is putting it on your personal web server which I don't have.

    2. Hello John, I have updated this blog post with an alternative solution. Please read the update section. Thanks.

  2. I found another solution to publish to gmail, but my calendar still thinks it is publishing to office, so it doesn't work. When I choose the option of remove from server, I get an error message. Has anybody else had this problem?

  3. Why is everyone discontinueing every service we are depending on? (get us used to it, then charge?)
    In the end they didn't suspend it back in 2013 but DID on August 1st 2014.

    So now we need to find an alternative way. And many freewares have proven ineffecient in my opinion.
    After trying out a few I stuck with EVO Collaborator for Outlook. Small and easy to use add-in for Outlook.

    Wrote a blogpost about it last year also :

    Isn't this program limited when its not using the paid version? Atleast so I have heard. (unless this has been changed lately)

    I could suggest another option to sync Gmail and Outlook (also iCloud and other services) if it might interest you.

    What I used to sync after GCS option was suspended in Aug.2014 was just a simple program called EVO Collaborator for Outlook.

    Maybe not as well known as CompanionLink and GSyncIt though. But I personally prefer this one more.

    Wrote a blogpost on it last October also


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