How to set Google Chrome custom proxy server settings independently from Internet Explorer proxy settings

Google Chrome web browser by default uses the system wide proxy server settings. It does not have the user configurable settings to set it's own custom proxy server. That means whenever you change the proxy server settings in Chrome, you are actually changing the proxy settings for Internet Explorer too.

To configure Google Chrome web browser a custom proxy server settings, this is what you need to do:

Google Chrome program has a command switch "--proxy-server" where you can use it to assign a custom proxy server setting.

  1. Right click Google Chrome shortcut.
  2. Select "Properties".
  3. Append --proxy-server="proxy-server-IP:port-number" at the back of the Google Chrome command string in the "Target" box.
    • If your proxy-server IP is "" and the port number is "8080", then it should look like this:
      <path-to-chrome.exe>\chrome.exe --proxy-server="".
  4. Save it and now the shortcut can be use to run Chrome with a custom proxy server setting which  is independent from the system wide proxy server setting.
If you want to disable Google Chrome proxy server settings and doesn't want to use any proxy server even from the system wide proxy server setting, you can use this command switch:


  1. I've been trying to figure this out for months... I've tried your method, I've tried registry hacks, I've tried custom GPO. All have their weaknesses. Today I finally found this bit of code on the Chrome developers website: that works perfectly. It has the added benefit of storing the proxy settings per profile, as opposed to the command line switches which apply to all subsequently opened windows regardless of profile settings.

    Instructions on how to manually load extensions can be found toward the bottom of this page:

  2. Thanks a is working....


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