The differences between a prawn and a shrimp

Ever wonder if there are differences between a prawn and a shrimp? I did thought that it was just the term used in different regions. Now i know.


  1. Shrimp vs Prawn – Some Major Differences
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    Generally, Shrimp are smaller than Prawn, but in some cases prawn can be small and shrimp can be big.
    Shrimp have claws only on two pairs of legs. While Prawn have claws on three pairs of their legs.
    Shrimp’s legs are shorter than Prawn’s legs.
    Prawn belong to the Dendrobranchiata and Shrimp belong to the Pleocyemata suborder of the Crustacean family.
    Prawns have lamellar gills while Shrimp have branching gills.
    Shrimp’s front pincers are bigger while Prawns have bigger second pincers.
    Prawn is semi-transparent, we can see its internal organs through the skin. But Shrimp are usually pigmented.
    Prawn lay their eggs while Shrimp carry their eggs during the entire breeding season.
    Prawn’s body is segmented. Shrimp’s body is comparatively flatter.
    Prawns have claws on three pairs of their legs, while Shrimp have claws on three pairs of their legs.
    Shrimp is rich in vitamin D while Prawn is a rich in vitamin E.
    Shrimp are most often seen in the United States or Latin Anerican countries. While Prawns are usually common in Asia.
    Prawns have a stronger and more aromatic flavor and smell than Shrimp.
    Shrimps are typically harvested from salt water and Prawn from fresh water.


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