Beverage can or pop can alcohol stove

Homemade alcohol stove made from 325ml aluminium beverage can (pop can).

This is my second attempt to make an alcohol stove from 325 milliliter aluminium beverage cans (pop can). My first attempt was a pressurized version.

This stove is an easier stove to use compare to the pressurized version. All i need to do is half fill the stove with alcohol and light it up. The initial burn at the center will heat up the stove and boil the alcohol inside the stove. Alcohol vapor will then push itself out through the small holes at the side and it will get light up after a minute. This process is known as priming. Filling the pressurized version of this stove is harder as you need to slowly and carefully fill until it overflows the middle holes so you can light it up to prim. Priming time is also longer compare to this one as the initial burn is not as intense as this.

Surprisingly this stove is windproof. I try to blow it off but its hard to blow the flames in the middle to off.

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