The Android Install button is not working while installing apps from unknown sources

If you found your Android "Install" button is not clickable or touchable while trying to install apps from "Unknown sources", don't panic.

This is most likely caused by screen filter apps like "2x Battery" or "Screen Filter". Temporary disable them to install apps.

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  1. Unfortunately I am still in panic mode as I don't have any screen filter programs installed, at least that I know. Other posts on this topic also point to TalkBack, the Google app, but that didn't fix it either. Any other idea? I'm on a ATT Note 2.

  2. Update: I appears that many app that have to do with screen "filtering" or sensitivity can cause this problem. After going through many of my apps and "freezing" them I came upon Gesture Launcher. Freezing that has solved my problem, at least for now. My fingers are crossed. I'm posting this to help others if they may have the same problem.

    1. Thank you for your sharing. I'm sure this info will help others with this similar problem with their Android phone.

  3. Worked for me. Thanks bunches. I was stressing.

  4. Some times all you need is to remove the SD card from phone.


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