How to bypass the Windows "open with" using web service

Whenever you double click on an unknown extensioned file where the extension is not currently registered to any program installed in your Windows OS, Windows will ask if you like to use the Web Service to find the right program to open your file or if you like directly choose the right program (that is already installed in the Windows OS) to open your file. I find this extra dialog box to be unnecessary to me and usually i would know which program to use to open up the "unknown" extensioned file. You can actually bypass this dialog box by a simple edit to your Windows registry.


  1. Open your regedit.exe program.
  2. Navigate to this folder:
  3. Create a new DWORD entry with value of 1.
Once you have created the DWORD entry with the proper value, you should get this dialog box directly asking which program to use to open an unknown extensioned file:


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