Android Ice Cream Sandwich tips and tricks

A list of tips and tricks of what you can do with Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

9 Awesome Android Ice Cream Sandwich Tips
  1. Close apps with a swipe of your fingerQuickly Send a Text Response When Dismissing a 
  2. CallUse Your Voice Instead of the Keyboard 
  3. Organize Your Apps in Homescreen Folders 
  4. Manage Your Data Usage to Avoid Overage Fees 
  5. Share Information With Just a Tap of Your Phone 
  6. Dismiss Notifications With a Swipe of the Finger 
  7. Create Silly Faces and Add Backgrounds in Video Chat 
  8. Improve Your Surfing With Chrome Beta

20 Android Ice Cream Sandwich tips and tricks
  1. Add quick controls to the browser
  2. Long-press to uninstall
  3. Flying Android screensaver
  4. Save your eyes with inverted rendering
  5. Set a custom rejection text message
  6. Stop app icons automatically appearing
  7. There's a Settings shortcut in the Notifications pane
  8. Manually close apps
  9. Remove the lock screen
  10. Folders in the dock
  11. Take photos while recording video
  12. Bin animations and transitions
  13. Take a grab of your phone
  14. Long-press dotted words
  15. Add additional faces
  16. Experiment with GPU settings
  17. Type like an adult
  18. Nick wallpapers off the internet
  19. Limit background process
  20. Quickly access Notifications
12 Android 4.0 tips you should know

  1. Android Beam
  2. Never get locked out
  3. Advanced calling features
  4. Turn off WiFi to save battery
  5. Improved voice to text
  6. Capture videos and photos simultaneously
  7. Face unlock feature
  8. Swipe to call and text
  9. Close apps quicker
  10. Control data usage
  11. Folders in dock
  12. Taking screenshots



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