Hiking with trekking poles

For some people, hiking with trekking poles are troublesome, cumbersome and slow. But do you know that hiking, trekking and walking with trekking poles will help you to:

  1. Balance your body when you are walking with heavy backpack.
  2. Increase your endurance while you are hiking by distributing your climbing strength and energy to both of your upper body thus lessen the stress on your legs.
  3. Save your knee in the long run when descending from mountains.
  4. Cross river with ease.
  5. Test for the depth of a mud pool.
  6. Rest your backpack whenever you take a break.
  7. Protect yourself from wild animals.
  8. and the list will go on ...
Watch this video from Leki how trekking poles can help you with your hiking, trekking and walking.

References or Credits:
  1. http://www.leki.com/trekking/videos.php



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