The Basic Science of Backpacking

  • Do you know how to choose your backpack size based on the length of your backpacking trip?
  • Do you know how to adjust your and properly fit your backpack to your back so that you can have a comfortable backpacking trip?
  • Do you know how backpack sizes are measured by the manufacturers?
  • Do you know how to pack your backpack effectively so that you can optimize space and lessen the feel of heavy weight when you carry it on your back?
  • Do you know what to take and what to leave at home for a backpacking trip?

This infographic chart from REI has the best short and concise advises for you. Backpack like a pro in 5 minutes.

Backpacks Infographic: How to Find the Right Backpack for You

Check out REI's backpacks next time you head outdoors!

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