Adidas Kampung

Adidas Kampung after
trekking through a muddy trail
Adidas Kampung basically means village Adidas. It was use by local Malaysian in the villages as a general purpose shoes. The Adidas name was given because there was a local brand where they make these shoes to resembles the Adidas football (soccer) shoes (with studs), with the Adidas 3 stripes trademark. This is the ultimate shoes for rain forest trekking or hiking. It's a pair of cheap full rubber shoes that enable you to get a very good grip on wet surfaces and it dries really quick. 

Getting them
These shoes are readily available everywhere in Malaysia with a price tag of less than RM 10 (USD 3). Bring this along as a compliment to your expensive hiking boots when you trek through muddy trails or crossing a stream or river. Adidas Kampung has the best grips on muddy surfaces or wet rocks compare to those expensive high quality hiking boots. There are several brands of Adidas Kampung in Malaysia such as GOCO, Cap Gajah or Bowling. All of them comes with two types where one type have the normal threaded soles and the other have studded soles. You won't find these in shoe shops in the malls rather you will find them in shops at the streets. For those who are not from Malaysia and looking to buy these shoes, please ask local Malaysians where you can buy a pair of Adidas Kampung.

Tips on wearing Adidas Kampung
When wearing Adidas Kampung for trekking, wear a pair of thick socks and insert at least 2 layers of sport shoes insoles. The insoles are needed because this is a rubber shoes and the soles are rather soft. You will need a good amount of insoles thickness to mask the softness so that you won't feel uncomfortable when stepping on a stone or tree roots. Bring along the insoles and socks when buying Adidas Kampung so you can find a good fit for your feet size.

There are some drawbacks with these Adidas Kampung where these shoes are not suitable for trekking on sharp rocky terrain and they are not exactly long lasting because it is made from rubber. Trekking on sharp rocky terrain will cause these shoes to tear and get cut easily. For these types of terrain, it's best to wear a good pair of hiking boots. Adidas Kampung are made from rubber and therefore over a period of time, the rubber will hardened thus lowering the wet surface grip performance.

For more information about Adidas Kampung, refer to some of the articles written by some other Malaysian outdoor enthusiasts below.

For more images of these Adidas Kampung refer to the Google Images search link of Adidas Kampung below.

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  1. where i can get this kampung adidas in klang valley?

    1. You can get them from any local hardware shop in Klang Valley.

    2. You can get it from here...


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