Turn or switch off your monitor display using command line in Ubuntu Linux

This is how you can manually turn or switch off your display or monitor using command line in Ubuntu. You can set a keyboard shortcut to run this so that you can manually turn off your display.

To switch off the display:
xset dpms force off
To switch on back the display (in case you are doing this from remote login):
xset dpms force on
To check the status of the display (also in case you are doing this from remote login):
xset -q
Note: Once the display is switched off, any keypress or mouse movement will switch on the display.

In case you are going to assign the switching off display command to a keyboard shortcut, please use this command instead:
gnome-screensaver-command -a && xset dpms force off
This is because there seems to be an issue to run the xset command from the shortcut. The monitor switched off for momentarily and then it switches on back.


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