Enable the text Justification hidden menu in Amazon Kindle Keyboard

Full Justification
Left Justification
There is a hidden menu entry called "Justification" in the font size menu [AA] of Amazon Kindle Keyboard. The Justification option toggles between left and full text justification. You can use this option to set from default "full" to "left" so you can read eBooks with a ragged right margin. 

Follow the steps bellow on how you can enable the hidden text justification menu.
  1. On your Amazon Kindle, press Home button to go to your home page.
    This step is important to make sure the change you are going to do will take effect. If you are doing this while an eBook is open, the change will not take effect.
  2. Connect your Amazon Kindle to your computer with a USB cable.
  3. Open the folder in sequence : system > com.amazon.ebook.booklet.reader
  4. In the "com.amazon.ebook.booklet.reader" folder, open reader.pref file with a text editor.
  5. Add a new line to the file:
  6. Save and close the reader.pref file.
  7. Eject your Amazon Kindle Keyboard.
  8. Restart your Amazon Kindle:
  9. Menu > Settings > Menu > Restart


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