Customize Amazon Kindle Keyboard Screensaver with jailbreak

Getting bored looking at the factory shipped Kindle screensaver whenever you put it on standby? Or you might want to customize the screensaver with personal message and give the Kindle to someone as a gift with a personal touch.

Install Screensaver Hack
  1. Jail break your Kindle device.
  2. Download file.
  3. Un-zip the file.
  4. Connect your Amazon Kindle device to your PC using USB cable.
  5. According to your Kindle device version, copy the appropriate
    update_ss_0.25.N_[kindle version]_install.bin file to the root of your connect Kindle.
    For more information of the definition of the bin files, refer to the Definition of screensaver hack files section.
  6. Copy the "linkss" folder under the "src" folder to the root of your connect Kindle.
  7. Copy your custom 600x800 (824x1200 if you have a DX) image files (png or jpeg) into the screensavers folder under the linkss folder.
  8. Disconnect your Amazon Kindle device from your PC.
  9. Go to Home > Menu > Settings > Menu > Update Your Kindle.
Important Notes
  • If "Update Your Kindle" is grayed out, you either did not put the bin file in the root folder or used the wrong file for your Kindle model.
To change your custom screensaver images
  1. Add, delete or replace the images files in linkss/screensavers folder. 
  2. Go to Home > Menu > Settings > Menu > Restart.
    • To make things easier, you can use the autoreboot feature. Refer to the section below on how to do that.
Auto reboot after disconnect and unplugged from PC
  • Create a blank file with the filename "reboot" in the linkss folder. Your Kindle device will do a quick reboot after you have unplugged it.
Uninstall screensaver hack
  1. Copy the appropriate update_ss_0.25.N_[kindle version]_uninstall.bin file into your Kindle root
  2. Go to Home > Menu > Settings > Menu > Restart.
Definition of screensaver hack files
  • update_ss_0.25.N_k2_install.bin - K2 US 
  • update_ss_0.25.N_k2i_install.bin - K2 International 
  • update_ss_0.25.N_dx_install.bin - Kindle DX US 
  • update_ss_0.25.N_dxi_install.bin - Kindle DX International 
  • update_ss_0.25.N_dxg_install.bin - Kindle DX Graphite 
  • update_ss_0.25.N_k3g_install.bin - Kindle 3 3G US 
  • update_ss_0.25.N_k3w_install.bin - Kindle 3 WiFi 
  • update_ss_0.25.N_k3gb_install.bin - Kindle 3 3G UK
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  1. Thanks! I tried it for my kindle 3 wifi and it worked!
    Any chances to customize Kindle 4 (not touch)?

    1. Hi Akima, glad it works for you. As for Kindle 4 non-touch, i see there are few posts in MobileRead forum about this:

      I can't tests them out as i don't have the device.

  2. Thank you so much! Managed to change my default sceensaver wallpaper by following your instructions!

  3. Hey, thanks for this guide. Really helped me out.


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